Life Assurance

Awash Insurance Company(S.C) transacts Life Assurance as follows:
One or more of the following can fully satisfy your life assurance needs.
  1. TERM LIFE ASSURANCE                                                               
          • Used for protection;
          • Affordable even by anyone in the low income
          • Can be assured individually or in group;
         i, 10, 15, 20 …. Years Endowment:
          • Used for protection & saving;
          • Lump sum payment at the end of the policy period;and
          • Develops Cash Value after two/three years, which can
                be taken as a loan.
         ii)  Anticipated Endowment:
          • Used for protection and saving;
          • Benefit of 20%, 20% and 60% of the sum assured can be collected at the end of some specific periods;and
          •     100% protection all the times.
         iii,  Education Endowment:
         • Used for protection and saving; mainly to finance college education;
         • Benefit of 20% at the beginning of each of the last four consecutive years preceding maturity and another  20% 
                at the end of fourth year;
         • On death of the assured parent/ guardian, it pays 50% of sum assured, while waving all future premium
                requirements and pays the benefit on maturity in the manner stated above;and
         • Develops Cash Value after two/three years, which can be taken as a loan.
         • Used for permanent protection;
         • Constant premium throughout life time;
         • Premium can be paid for a limited period of time or for as long as the life assured lives;
         • Mostly used for family protection;and
         • Develops Cash Value after two/three years, which can be taken as a loan.
         i)  Supplementary Accident :                                                                                                                  nh
         • Covers loss of limbs/dismemberment and
                 disability; and  
         • Double benefit at death depending on the type
                 of  accident.                       
         ii)  Waiver of premium:
         • Waives all future premiums for life & any 
                supplementary assurances in case of
                Total Permanent Disability.
         iii)  Medical Expenses Assurance:
         • Reimburses medical expenses incurred by the 
                assured up to the pre-agreed 
                limit per year. 
                                                                    You may use any of the above in any combination.  
                                                     Call & instruct us today.  Tomorrow you get older and premiums go up!!
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The CEO Is Awarded Doctor of Business Administration(DBA) Degree.
Tsegaye Kemsi Aredo, the CEO of Awash Insurance Company S.C. is awarded degree of Doctor of Business Administration(DBA) Specializing in Insurance Management Honoris Causa  by the prestigious Common Wealth University. Read More

አዋሽ ኢንሹራንስ በግማሽ ዓመት አፈጻጸም ::
አዋሽ ኢንሹራንስ ኩባንያ የግማሽ ዓመት የስራ አፈጻጸም ግምገማ ከጥር 27 እስከ ጥር 29 ቀን 2008 ዓ.ም በሶደሬ ሪዞርት ሆቴል በካሄደበት ወቅት ኩባንያው በግማሽ ዓመቱ ከጠቅላላ ኢንሹራንስ ዘርፍ ብቻ ብር 246 ሚሊዮን አረቦን መሰብሰቡን የኩባንያው ዋና ስራ አስፈጻሚ አቶ ፀጋዬ ከምሲ ገለጹ፡፡

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AIC Earns a Premium of 267 Million in the Mid-Year.
AIC staff became shareholders.The mid-year performance review Meeting of Awash Insurance Company for the year 2015 - 16 was held at Sodere Resort Hotel, from February 5 - 7, 2016.

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